French Magazines: TVA Publications (a division of Quebecor Media)

TVA Publications is Québec's leading, French-language magazine publisher.

With more than 70 titles and 15 million copies sold each year, TVA Publications accounts for 49% of total magazine sales in Québec and over 69% of copies sold on newsstands in Québec.

The magazines are divided up into the following categories:

  • Weeklies,
  • Home Décor & Renovation,
  • Fashion, and Beauty
  • Service



These magazines are the leaders in readership. Our publications account for over 82% of total weekly magazine sales in Québec and 91% of weekly magazine readers!

Source: PMB Spring 2013 French Canada, ABC December 30th 2012

7 Jours Dernière Heure
Star Système Le Lundi
Échos Vedettes TV Hebdo


Home Décor & Renovation

TVA Publications is a force in the home décor and renovation magazine market, with Chez soi, Les Idées de ma Maison and Rénovation-Bricolage holding a 63% share of magazine sales in this segment, 68% of newsstand-sold copies and 86% of home decor and renovation magazine readers per month.

Source: PMB Spring 2013 French Canada, ABC December 30th 2012

Chez Soi Rénovation Bricolage
Les Idées de ma Maison


TVA Publications also offers a wealth of special issues including:

Hors Série Décoration Les Idées de mon Jardin
Votre Maison 150 plans
Cuisines salles de bains Cuisines de Rêve
Kitchens & Bathrooms Fabriquez

Fashion & Beauty

A major player in the fashion and beauty market, with Clin d'oeil and Star inc., TVA Publications is undeniably a huge source of inspiration when it comes to fashion-forward thinking and tracking the latest and hottest trends.

Clin d’oeil Star Inc.

Clin d’Oeil and Star Inc represent 69% of beauty and fashion monthly magazine readers and 41% of newsstand-sold copies per month.

Source: PMB Spring 2013 French Canada, ABC December 30th 2012



Specialized service magazines such as Moi&Cie, Singé M, Yoopa and Magazine Animal offer practical, informative content keyed to the needs and interests of Québecers.

Moi&Cie Tout Simplement Clodine
Yoopa Magazine Animal

Moi&cie is one of the magazines which has known the highest increase of readers in 2013: 13,9% against Spring 2012. Singé M is a brand that developed its awareness. If we compare to Tout Simplement Clodine, its circulation has increased by 42% in the last year.

Source: PMB Spring 2013 French Canada, ABC December 30th 2012



Montreal Centre Ville    

Montréal Centre-Ville offers an exclusive environment to reach affluent consumers. Effectively, 37% of Montréal Centre-Ville readers have a household income above $100,000 and 44% are owners, managers or professionals.

Source: Montreal Centre-Ville internal survey, 2013 

e-editions & Smart Editions

e-editions and smart editions enable TVA Publications readers to consume content anywhere they go.

Like e-editions, smart editions mirror the magazine but also take it a few steps further. The smart edition allows for the content and ads to be more interactive. The smart editions are currently available for iPad and Android users.

e-editions are the mirror image of the magazine and is available online to subscribers.

  • Clin d'olie (More than 40,000 cumulated downloads since Semptember 2011; 1,300 subscribers and 200 sold units on average)
  • Chez Soi (More than 70,000 cumulated downloads since November 2011; 1,200 subscribers and 250 sold units on average)
  • Moi&cie (more than 20,000 cumulated downloads since January 2013; 900 subscribers and 200 sold units on average

Source: Itunes Connect

Digital adds to the mix, it does not replace what already exists.

Those most engaged—through smart phones and tablets—see themselves as: Information hubs, Leaders, Persuasive, Driven and Sophisticated

*Source: The 2011 Survey of Affluence and Wealth, produced by American Express Publishing and Harrison Group


English Magazines: Town Media (a division of Quebecor Media)

Town Media has been producing award winning magazines and consumer shows for more than 33 years.

Each of its 8 magazines and 3 shows connect advertisers with their best prospective customers when they engage with our content and are most receptive to advertisers’ messages.

Town Media’s show division produces some of the best consumer shows in the country including Canada’s largest food and wine show: the Toronto Gourmet Food & Wine Expo, as well as the Niagara Food and Wine Expo and the Hamilton Designs for Living Home Show. Our shows connect exhibitors with more potential customers in one weekend than they see in their showrooms all year.

In the Hamilton area, we are the established leaders in the arts, culture, entertainment, home décor and B2B markets. Our titles include Hamilton Magazine, Interiors, Visitors, Weddings, and Biz, which connect advertisers with local buyers.

Our leisure division includes Vines magazine reaching the most avid wine enthusiasts across the country, as well as GolfStyle, Canada’s only luxury golf lifestyle publication, and Ontario Golf, the official publication of the Golf Association of Ontario.

All our magazines and shows connect with consumers around topics they are passionate about, making them open and receptive to our client’s messages.


English Magazines: Muskoka Magazine (a division of Quebecor Media)

Muskoka Magazine is the magazine for Muskoka cottagers, residents and frequent visitors - people who enjoy the district’s unique lifestyle and care about its future.

Reaching subscribers at their home residence, Muskoka Magazine provides coverage of fascinating people, things to see and do, special places, and current issues facing those with an interest in Muskoka. Contemporary in design, every issue is a must-read which combines outstanding feature journalism and superb photography to offer readers an in-depth look at Muskoka.


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